Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Would You Look at That: Grease Drainer

Introducing the Pampered Chef Drainer!

What it is used for:
Quickly and easily drain liquids! Its generous size fits most cookware pieces. Dual handles and tabs help you comfortably hold the drainer and prevent foods from tumbling into the sink.

What I bought it for:
I got this little gem to drain the grease from my ground beef or turkey! Yes grease is a liquid so maybe that was Pampered Chef's intention but I am pretty sure it is made for draining pasta water or maybe vegetables. But I always have issues when draining my ground meat. It always falls into the sink when I am trying to drain the grease out and pour it into to a tin can. But this thing works wonders! I love it and I am not spilling my meat anymore!

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