Saturday, December 18, 2010

Potatoes, Plastic Containers & Cooking Utensils

So should Santa just go to Target and get little Riles some kitchen gadgets? Maybe some nice Tupperware?? Haha! Love how kids find the strangest things to entertain themselves with! She also loves junk mail by the way! She pretends to read it and takes it very seriously, spreads the envelopes and papers all over the floor, it is too funny!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Riley's Christmas Photo Shoot

I wanted to take some pics of Riley for our family holiday card and she is such a busy body! Everytime I sat her down she would get right up and run around. I got some cute shots in my little set up I put together in the basement but the best shots were her sitting on the desk in the office giggling away watching puppies squealing and babies laughing on you tube!

DIY Photo Garland

Craftiness must run in the family! Check out the garland that my aunt made with her 2 grand daughters for their christmas tree. They found a bunch of old and new pics, made copies in black and white, had them laminated and strung them with beads and little trinkets! What a great idea!