Saturday, May 29, 2010

Putting the Kitchen Back Together

This was my project this past Friday! A little overwhelming huh! We had our kitchen go through a little makeover. It was suppose to be a low budget makeover but I don't think there is such thing as "low budget"! Pretty much done, just waiting for the tile back splash I wanted to get things back to how they were. I had to vacuum and wash all the cabinets and then put everything back in them, re-organizing because I lost some space with the new range. Riley helped a little bit before she was off to her cousins! Before and after pictures will have to come later because it is still a mess!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Riley!

I think I started planning for my daughter's 1st birthday party when she was only a couple of months! I love a good theme party! The party included a bucket of fun with silly putty, bubbles, play-doh and I even had a blank board book I titled "The Adventures of Riley's 1st Birthday Party" and had all the guests color and sign a page. I think I will do that each year so she can have a little collection. My friend Katie makes delicious treats and made all the cupcakes which were just beautiful!!! A big hit was a banner I made from pictures I took of Riley each month up until a year. The party was a success and I am already thinking of next years theme!

Thrifty Peanut: Tulip Shelf

I found this little tulip shelf at a tag sale earlier this spring. It was painted 3 different colors. There were 3 parts, the flower, the stem and the pot. I gave it a coat of some chalkboard paint and wrote different types of flowers on it and hung it in my daughters room in a corner that needed some love. What is crazy is the little vintage animals on the shelves actually came from the same house 2 years earlier at a yard sale they were having.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BIRTH Day Hats

Check out these adorable "birth" day hats I made for my daughter's newest buddies. Baby Ava is sporting a scalloped layered fabric birth day hat in yellow and white gingham and baby Josie looks great in a pink and white gingham covered birth day hat with a faux feather poof trim. Coming soon to my etsy shop!

Would You Look at That: Strawberry Display

I save things. I save things because sometimes you never know what you will need them for! I happened to save those cute little green baskets from when I bought strawberries at the supermarket and when I was making chocolate covered strawberries for a party I was attending I thought why not display them in the strawberry basket! How cute huh! I bet Martha would be proud too!

Bring on the Sunshine!

Well kind of... My mother-in-law works at city hall in the basement and there are no windows down there. So for her birthday I thought I can give her a window! Yup that is right, I can make her a window for her office. So I got an old window, added some cork board panels and some chalkboard paint and ta da! I even added some really neat tapestry pins I found at a yard sale for her to pin up pictures of the grandbabies.