Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tornado hits my town AND my living room!

Riles assessing the damage

We interrupt this broadcast... it was not a test. There was a tornado warning for my town and I was driving right through it! Luckily I was very close to home but boy was it scary! I could barely see with the heavy rain and branches flying around. My husband yelled out when I got in the house that him and Riley were down cellar so I quickly joined them. After is was over we went outside to meet all the neighbors, assessing the damage. Tree's had fallen and branches everywhere. Three large branches, almost half the tree in our backyard had fallen and just missed the house! But the most damage was in the living room. It was like an F5 had hit, complete destruction! Toys all over, books and stuffed animals everywhere. It looked like the path had come from the dining room, what a disaster! And clean-up was hard because we had lost power but we managed to pick up all the pieces and get back on our feet. Crazy day for us but we made it through. We will never forget, the Bristol Tornado of 2010.

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