Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mom + Skorts = Freedom!

look at these ladies, they are so happy and free,
ready to tackle anything and do it in style! http://heaventobetsy.typepad.com/

That's right! I found my newest love, skorts! As a new mom I have learned that any type of skirt that is above the knee is not the most practical when chasing a one year old around! I mean you are very limited with the bending over and squatting if you don't want to put on a show for everyone! I have been wearing my so-called short skirts with leggings but with the summer heat approaching, that will have to end soon. So on a recent trip to H&M I found a super cute pair of skorts! Score!!! Now I can squat, bend, do summersaults, whatever I want, I am free! I have been seeing more and more skorts in other stores too (along with high-waisted pleated shorts which looked just awful on me), so mom's and ladies get ready!

Definition from Wikepedia for a more detailed descriptions: A skort is a pair of women’s shorts with a flap of fabric in front to make it look like a skirt. The term “skort” (a portmanteau of skirt and shorts) is used idiomatically in some regions. While some garments sold as culottes resemble short trousers, to be a skort they need to look like skirts. They are distinguished from trousers or shorts by a fuller cut at the bottom (hem) than at the waist. Skorts were developed in order to provide more freedom to do activities such as gardening, cleaning, or bike riding, and give the appearance of a skirt. Skorts are popular in sports such as tennis and golf, and are often part of girls’ athletic uniforms. Some skorts are essentially skirts with a pair of shorts hidden underneath, though most resemble a pair of shorts with a panel of fabric over the front.


Jilla said...

Squats, bends and somersaults - here I come!! Woohoo! LOL
Skorts are underrated. I think more retail companies need to realize skorts can be trendy and cool, and they are not totally outdated if designed right.

Snoops said...

Who knew that skorts equaled freedom?

Okay, Michelle, I am so not a fan of skorts, but next time I am in H&M, I'll give them a try. And I might even do a somersault or handstand in the dressing room to make sure they provide true freedom.

If skorts = freedom for women, what do kilts do for men?