Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby Gaga

Riley: "A meat dress?"

Mom: "Yes, I made you a meat dress out of felt. You were Lady Gaga, she was huge back then!"

Riley: "For real? You mean I really wore a meat dress?"

Mom: Yes, and you wore it well might I add."

Riley: "So while all my friends were dressed as cute butterflies, cupcakes and pumpkins I wore a felt dress resembling meat???"

Mom: "Correct dear."

That is the conversation that I will most likely have when Riley is older and sees the photos her herself dressed up as Lady Gaga in her infamous "meat" dress for her 2nd Halloween. Who knows, maybe she will get a kick out of it! And to think it all started out as a joke at work. I originally had another costume in mind that was super cute and girly but I just couldn't resist making my little peanut into Baby Gaga. And people loved it! Even my husbands 90 year old grandmother knew about Lady Gaga and her meat dress. We even pumped ourselves up jamming to some Gaga in the morning. Every time a song would end Riley would say "again, again!" And she would walk into the office saying, "Gaga, Gaga!"

Overall Riley really enjoyed her Halloween! She wasn't a huge fan of her costume until later in the evening when she finally let me put it on her. We took her out to 'trick or treat' to only one house and she was more excited to ring the doorbell and play with the door handle! Haha! But she loved the trick or treaters that came to the door! She would wait by the door and say "treat treat". The sad thing is now every time she walks by our front door she says "treat treat" and I think she expects more kids to come by looking for candy! For now she will just have to be satisfied with the mailman coming to the door I guess.

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